The useful model means of imitating technics and can be used for the functional analysis of occlusion fields and articulations at inspection jf a stomatologic pathology.
Problem of useful model is increase of accuracy of the functional analysis dental-jaw system of the concrete patient.
The specified problem dares in system of the functional occlusion analysis and an articulation containing the block of data gathering, the personal computer with the software for mathematical modeling of the dynamic processes arising at movements of the bottom jaw and synchronization of work of separate components of system, a database сontaining the description of models, algorithm of calculation of movements of the bottom jaw on boundary spatial co-ordinates occlusion fields, a subsystem of rendering for graphic transformation of the mathematical description of model to visual three-dimensional dynamic representation on the monitor screen, a subsystem of manipulation with the data, a subsystem of modeling of interaction of the user with virtual objects and an information transfer subsystem about model to devices with CAD/CAM systems.